On change and transition . . .

Life is a cyclical journey of unraveling and awakening. Falling apart at the seams and gingerly stitching up the wounds, time and time again. For just as soon as the storm lifts, the clouds part, the sun begins to peek through and you’ve managed to rebuild what feels like a more stable and sustainable structure, another seemingly menacing front gathers on the horizon and you’re faced with the tempest of change.

Managing change and periods of transition is a very difficult thing for human beings. Though we’re highly adaptable to environmental conditions, biologically speaking, many of us struggle with the psychological process of adapting to new circumstances, especially when these changes are thrust upon us, despite carefully laid plans. It’s the sense of losing control that threatens our safety and security when things are unpredictable, outcomes unforeseen and often undesirable.

To overcome the fear associated with times of instability and transition, we need to open ourselves up to impermanence, trusting that the complex workings of the universe are anything but accidental. Though, I believe that we have ultimate control over our attitudes and behaviors and are therefor largely responsible for our own destiny, I also believe that we all have a dharmic path to follow and that the universe is well ordered to support us on this journey of discovery. When we are in alignment with the Tao, defined as:

“…the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior, that is in harmony with the natural order” – Oxford English Dictionary

we are in a state of flow, where we can observe synchronicities in timely encounters, occurrences and experiences that would support our goals and efforts. When we’re not following the natural order or trying to manipulate external conditions that aren’t in alignment with our soul’s purpose, drastic change is thrust upon us as an opportunity for awakening.

This can be scary and often painful as it can involve loss and tragedy, at worst but more often than not, it’s discomfort and disappointment. The unease of not knowing often leads to a great deal of struggle and even an attitude of self-pity and loathing.

Instead of being fearful and seeking ground during times of change and transition, we need to first accept that there is no ground to be sought, that all states are continuously in flux and that permanence is an illusion. When we fully embrace this concept,  we open ourselves up to the universal wisdom being channeled our way, embracing change for the tremendous opportunity that it is and permit ourselves to get excited about the infinite possibilities and newness before us. This involves a certain element of trust and challenges us to re-evaluate the conditions of our lives and our attitudes.

If we continue to ignore the messages, however, we will continue to struggle against the current, impacting our well-being and even threatening our health, until we wake up and take appropriate action.

In this way we can see change as a “call to action”, accepting it as inevitable and necessary, which in turn helps us to become more adaptable to evolving circumstances but this, as with all things is a practice. It’s a practice that involves, acceptance, relinquishing our desire to control, maintaining an attitude of abundance, taking stock and ridding our lives of what no longer serves us and executing with appropriate action to embrace a new paradigm of being and thinking.

In looking at nature we can observe that everything does and will continue to change whether or not it’s desirable, but that the universe is well-ordered and cyclical. Spring, a time of renewal will inevitably give way to the abundance of summer and summer to the reaping of fall, just as fall transitions to the restful dormancy of winter, and the cycle repeats itself. The markets change from bullish to bearish. There will be times of feast and times of famine, joy and sorrow but our ability to withstand these transitions begins with awareness of what is and not how we want things to be and an understanding that the time has come for a new cycle.

The best we can do for ourselves during these times is to listen to our heart’s intuition and pay attention to the wisdom being sent our way. The infinitely abundant and benevolent universe is creating conditions to support your journey and the contributions you’re destined to make, to this world, during this lifetime and all those to follow. Stay open, trust and embrace it.






2 thoughts on “On change and transition . . .

  1. Of course this is exactly what I have been experiencing these past few months so I really relate to this blog on “change and transition”.
    When we resist what we have no control over, we are much like fish swimming upstream, against the current. Going with the flow, surrendering to the change, assists us in a less stressful transition to our new journey.
    Love these blogs… keep on writing @mindfulmaniac

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    1. I’m happy it resonates with what you’ve been experiencing, lately. Writing about it helps me reinforce the practice and if it helps even a handful of people going through a time of transition to see the change in fortune as an opportunity to embrace newness and infinite possibility, I’ve contributed something meaningful, somehow. Heartfelt thanks for the encouragement. 🙂


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